Friday, December 28, 2012

Post Christmas Cheer

With this fast moving holiday season coming to an end, I though I would share some of the exciting Christmas presents I received! (They are in no particular order, just in the order of what comes to mind, except the last two are my favorite)
1. Wool Blend Pea Coat in Ultra Green by New York and Company. This is such a perfect and classy coat to own. I know I will get very good use out of it. You can wear it anywhere from to work, or to class on a cold winter day, but I am most excited to wear it to our first chapter meeting of the semester. (The picture below is not the color I have, use the link to see all the bright fun colors)
2. Lilly Pulitzer Kappa Delta Murfette Scarf. My new scarf is just what I wanted! I love all things Kappa Delta and Lilly, and when the two come together there is nothing better. I am in love with the amazing KD Lilly print and could not have asked for a better item. The scarf is warm enough to wear in the winter but perfect to break out in the spring when you need that extra bit of Lilly!
3. Lilly Pulitzer Pink Leighton Blazer. Not only is it pink, but it is Lilly, could not be more perfect! This blazer is perfect for dressing up to wear to work, or dressing it down a little with a pair of jeans. I love things that you can dress up, or down they are so versatile and perfect for any occasion.

4. Lilly Kappa Delta Picture Frame. Again, you cannot go wrong with Lilly, and Kappa Delta :) I can't wait to find an amazing picture to put in it and show it off in my dorm room!
5. Brighton Charms. My stepmom got me a charm bracelet when I turned 16, and we have been adding to it ever since. These pink and green charms were the perfect addition this christmas!


6. Utility Tote by Thirty-One. My tote has an M embroidered on the front of it, and is in a multi colored circle pattern. These totes are perfect for carrying things to the bathroom in a dorm or to take to the beach, or to even have a picnic. I know mine will get good use!
7. Lifeguard Press Lilly Pulitzer Portable Speakers. These Lilly speakers have great sound and plug into your phone or ipad, or any other mp3 device. They are small enough that they fit in a purse and can be taken anywhere. I have been using mine at work the last couple of days.
8. KD Fleece Blanket. I love blankets and this one was perfect, it is pink with green chevron letters in the corner. Perfect for keeping warm at football tailgates, or to take on a long trip! (The picture below is just an example, mine has the Kappa Delta letters and a different pattern)
9. Personalized Phone Case. My stepmom made me a personalized phone case with pictures of my boyfriend and I on the back. Such a cute idea and is a hard case so it has great protection! It is also pink and green!
10. Now, if I didn't already receive enough KD items I received a KD sweatshirt with our Lilly print, and I could not be more excited! I am pretty sure my cousin got a perfect picture of my face when I opened it too! I am unsure of the place where she got it, but there are so many places where you can get Greek items done it is not even funny, my favorite is Gone Greek, they are fast and have great quality! 

11. Kappa Delta Emerald Crest Ring. This present from my dad and my stepmom means so much to me. It is the perfect way to keep KD with me all the time, and is constant reminder of seeking the honorable, beautiful and highest everyday in my life. I could not have asked for a more meaningful or perfect present!

12. Last but certainly not least, Brother PE500 Embroidery Machine. The most amazing thing I could never think to ask for, my new embroidery machine and inspiration to my blog. Every sorority girl's dream is to have monograms galore, and I am slowly getting there! I cannot believe that I own my own monogram machine and I am so excited to use it for all that I can. My boyfriend is a saint!
Now obviously I received many more, smaller items, but these are the larger items that I thought might interest you, because they are perfect for me! I hope you enjoy all of the presents you received for Christmas, and that you had wonderful times with your friends and family, I know I did! 

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