Sunday, December 30, 2012

Registering for iBroidery

When you first receive your Brother PE500 you want to make sure that you register for your iBroidery account. While you are not required to use those designs you want to make sure you have the account, you will receive coupons and it is specifically formed for Brother machines. They also have fantastic Disney designs as well as many others.

When first looking at the website you should click my account near the left corner, then create a new account. 

 Click the "Create An Account" link then fill out the information. 

After you have completed this step you must register your machine with iBroidery. Under "My Account" select "add or edit".

Once you have done this, You will need to choose your machine in the drop down, I have chosen PE500.

The next screen that will appear will prompt you to enter in your machine's serial number, the machine number and also where you purchased the machine. You can find your machine number by following these steps.

Once you have entered all of this information you will be prompted to "register your machine".

Once you have selected "register" your machine will appear in a list, showing that you have registered it. 

After this you can continue shopping...etc. If you attempt to purchase something and have not registered a machine you will be prompted to register your machine, and from there you will follow these same steps. 

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