Thursday, January 17, 2013

My First Applique

So, when I got my Brother PE500 I wasn't sure of everything that it could I started experimenting (and since I am sick I have had lots of time to do this). I wanted to see if I would be able to do an applique with my I looked it up on YouTube. I came across this video, so now I know I can do it, but the real question is can you do a monogram applique...well, the answer is YES!! I am so excited to share this with everyone!

I wasn't sure how applique fonts worked, so I just purchased one that was a good deal and would be perfect for me (I also didn't want to spend a lot of money if I wasn't able to do it! I ended up purchasing a circle applique font from an Etsy Shop. It was inexpensive and great for what I want to do! So, first I formatted the font with my software making everything the right size and the right spacing etc...

Now for the applique part of this project, it is kind of timely, but it is worth it! Doing the applique is more complicated with the monogram than it was for the woman in the video, who just did a small cloud, there are a lot more steps. Make sure you use self adhesive stabilizer so that your letters will stick   to your shirt when you go back to embroider the final outline (it will make sense later).  

The first thing you want to do is take your fabric of choice and outline your letters. You have to set your machine to do this by skipping the 2nd and 3rd step of the applique on each specific letter.

After you have done this step, cut all of the letters out.

Set your shirt/item up in the section you would like the applique to be. Now, if you remember the last time I monogrammed a shirt it was off a little so I adjusted the hoop this time to accommodate for the imperfections last time, not that there wont be any this time!

The next thing is for your machine to out line the letters for you on the shirt, I forgot to take a picture of this, I'm sorry! Once you have outlined pull the stabilizer off of the back of your letters and stick them to the shirt inside the outline.

Set your machine to finish the final outlines, and then let it go! 

Once your applique is complete take it off of the machine and pull the stabilizer off. Yay, your applique is complete!

The applique will take longer than a monogram because there is so much more work to do with it than just hitting the green button! I hope as time goes on my applique becomes more and more perfect so that I am not so nervous to do them for other people! 

Feel free to ask any question, I will try to help the best that I can! 

My Crafting Area

So, living in a dorm room does not leave much space to have an embroidery machine, or really much room to craft at all. After coming back from winter break my embroidery machine sat in the box for a couple of days until I FINALLY figured out what to do with it! 

The day before classes started back up, my boyfriend and I decided to go to Ikea to kill some time, and to just look around at different things. We also needed to go to Best Buy, and well Ikea was on the way! While we were looking around we saw some great furniture pieces and we got to thinking...a table would be the perfect thing to get to use as my "crafting station". We looked at a couple different options and decided to get a white table top with pink legs. It was noting special but perfect for what I was looking for, and what i needed to use it for. 

The table was very simple to put together, all you had to do was screw the legs into the back of the table and it fit exactly where I wanted to put it.

Once my table was all set up I had to of course, put all of my crafting supplies out and get my machine set up! 

In the back corner I decided to put a green lamp (I have previously purchased this from Ikea at the beginning of the year. It was sitting on my desk and I never used it, it provides the perfect amount of light). On my desk I also have my cutter, and my measuring mat, and of embroidery machine. When I go home this weekend I am going to bring back my sewing machine so that I can do more projects.

Underneath my table I put my plastic drawers that holds all of my extra supplies. The first drawer holds my thread and bobbin, sewing needs. The second drawer has stabilizer and other tools. The third drawer has all of my paint and paint brushes. The fifth drawer holds any ribbon, or extra craft supplies I have used in the past (buttons, pearls...etc.)

Trying to have a craft area is not by any means an easy task, I had to move somethings around and create room in other places, but in the end it all worked out perfectly and I now have my own space to embroider and craft as I please! 

Monday, January 7, 2013

My Recipe Binder

Growing up I always loved watching the Food Network, watching my dad and other family members cook and cooking myself. I have decided to create my own Recipe Binder, and you would think that after this many years I would already have one, but really all I have is a folder with my recipes stacked in it, in no order at all. I saw a Pinterest post (the site, unfortunately, has been removed) and it made me think that I should take the time to make my own recipe binder! A recipe Binder is a great way to keep all of your recipes organized and in a place you can always look when you need them. So, here is my Recipe Binder Tutorial!


1. A 1-2 inch binder (depends on how much you plan to put in it) with slots in the front, back and sides
2. Dividers, I like the kind you write on (the number depends on how many categories you want)
3. Scrapbook paper, or construction paper
4. Glue or Tape
5. Plastic Sheets (the ones you put paper in)
6. Computer/Printer or Sharpie Markers
7. Of

Step 1: Design the Outside of Your Binder

This step is where you want o be creative, you want your binder to be something fun that makes you want to cook! Now of course mine is a collage of my favorite Lilly patterns! I took construction paper (you want this to match with collage pattern) and cut it to fit inside the front, back, and side of the binder.

I used PowerPoint (I find this easier to move pictures around) to create a collage of all of the Lilly prints that I like. I simply googled Lilly wallpaper and then copied and pasted them onto the PowerPoint, and printed out two copies, one for the front and one for the back.

I typed up Recipe Binder simply in Word Processor and used a creative font as well as a color that matches the construction paper as well as the collage. You want to make sure the font is big enough so that it is visible on the binder, I like to center my words, so that is what I did. Print this out and cut it into a square to fit in the center of your collage, glue it on (or tape).

Make a smaller label for the side so that you are able to see what the binder is if it is leaning against something.

Now you have completed the outside of your binder!

Step 2: Create Dividers

I choose to use store bought dividers that you can write on.

The categories I made are:

1. Breakfast
2. Soups/Salads
3. Poultry/Meat
4. Sides
5. Vegetables
6. Crock-Pot
7. Deserts
8. Other

You don't have to use these exact categories, you can use whichever ones you want! After you have made your dividers place them in your binder.

Step 3: Arranging Your Recipes

This step is pretty easy, all you need to do is place each of your recipes that you have printed from different websites, or written down in a plastic sheet protector. This will keep your recipes clean while you are cooking and keep the paper from taring. Once you have done this, arrange each of your recipes according to the dividers.

There you have it, a simple recipe binder that will last you for ages! I hope you enjoy!

Friday, January 4, 2013

The New Year Cheer Sale

So, as I am sure many of you heard Lilly Pulitzer had her New Year Cheer Sale January 3-4. This is one of the bigger sales that she hosts in the year (there is one right before the school year begins, perfect for stocking up for recruitment!). Now, I am IN LOVE with it all so it was very hard for me to sit down and not purchase everything I wanted. There were some items that sold out before I was able to purchase them (which is probably a good thing) but I wanted to share everything I was able to purchase (and how much money I saved)!
The first thing I purchased (what I wanted the most) was a Lilly Jewelry Box. I am moving in to the sorority house in the fall, and the color scheme of my room is going to play off of the pattern on this Jewelry Box! The box has so much space, and will be a good way for me to get rig of all of the cardboard boxes I currently use to store my jewelry. I am also excited to begin matching items in my room around this pattern! The Jewelry box was originally $78.00 and I was able to purchase it for $44.00, that is $34.00 of savings! (This item is sold out on the Lilly website, but I was able to find it somewhere else online)
Lilly Pulitzer Jewelry BoxLilly Pulitzer Jewelry Box

The next item I purchased was a pair of Resort Chic Navy Wedge Shoes. I was so excited to see that she had shoes on sale, I am always looking for shoes that you can dress up, or down. They are the perfect shade to go with almost all of my clothing and I am so excited to wear them! These wedges were originally $228.00 and i purchased them for $64.00 that is $164.00 of savings! (These were also sold out at the Lilly store online but I was able to find a different website.
The next item I purchased was an ID Wristlet in the Jade Green Punkin Chunkin pattern for my mom. I have one in the Kappa Delta print, and my mom loved it so much she wanted me to purchase her one, in a different print of course! These wristlits have an original price of $38.00 and I purchased it for $19.00. That is a total savings of $19.00.
The next item I purchased was the Davie Dress in Hollyhock Gigi. I had purchased this dress on Saturday in a different pattern at Belk for a higher price, once I saw that this one was on sale for a better price I purchased it (you can imagine what I did with the other one)! This dress will go perfectly with my new shoes (in the picture the model is wearing them) and it is thin enough that I will be able to wear it through the spring an smaybe even the summer. The dress originates for $168 and I was able to purchase it for $44, that is a savings of $124. (This is also sold out at Lilly so I found a different site)
Lilly Pulitzer Davie Dress Now on Sale!
The next item I purchased was the Sommerset Dress in Emerald. I love the Lilly dresses like these, they are so simple but with the addition or a belt, or heels they can be so dressed up, I love to wear mine with Jacks. This dress originates for $98 but I was bale to purchase it for $34, that is a total savings of $64! (This is also sold out at Lilly so I found a different site)
Somerset Dress - Emerald Green
The next item I purchases was the Minnow Skirt in Multi Secret Garden Mini. This was the pattern I originally purchased the Davie Dress in, but it is a lot to handle on a dress, I think the pattern goes perfect with a skirt, so I got it! This Skirt originates for $88 and I was able to purchase it for $29, that is a total savings of $59. (This is also sold out at Lilly so I found a different site)
The last (yes last) item I purchases was a second (yes second) Leighton Blazer. I love the pink one I received for Christmas so much that I decided I needed a second one, I was also in a bad mood this morning so I needed a little shopping therapy! I purchased this one in black, black is such a classic color and I am so glad that these were one of the items on sale! The blazer originates for $178 but I was able to purchase it for $79, that is a total savings of $99!
Leighton Blazer - Black

Now, I know it seems crazy the amount of things that I purchased between today and yesterday, but I tend not to look at the amount of money I spent, and try to focus on the amount of money I saved, that being said...I saved approximately $607, WOW that is amazing I cannot imagine how much money I would have spent if I bought all these items when they weren't on sale...crazy thought...bad thought...ok, thought gone! The next 3 weeks (waiting for my items to ship) will be a very LONG 3 weeks...I might get really impatient! Now, since one on my New Year's Resolutions was to spend money wiser this will be my last large purchase for myself until I feel I must absolutely purchase something (this will take a lot of discipline from my boyfriend...he always tells me no).
Now, the most important question...what did you purchase?

To Be Monogrammed...

With my new Brother PE500 the world of monogramming as become such an open door. I love anything and everything with a monogram, this being said I have put together a list of items that I plan on monogramming in the near (near meaning this weekend, well some of it) future! Some of the things on my list I wanted to get monogrammed before I moved into my dorm room, but, I just wasn't goin to spend all of that money! Well, thanks to my amazing list will soon become a reality!

1. Towels
2. Quarter Zips
3. V-neck Tshirts
4. Crew-neck Sweatshirts
5. My pillow cases
6. Fleece Vest
7. Shirt Pockets
8. Floppy Hats
9. My Longchamp bags
10. Fleece Jackets
11. Quarter Zip Rain Jacket (done by my amazing boyfriend)! 

12. Throw Pillows
13. Lamp Shade
14. Laptop Case
16. Bows
17. Koozies
18. Umbrellas
19. Folding Chair
20. Toms
21. Running Shorts
22. Baseball Hats
23. Scarves
24.Bathing Suits
25.  Throw Blankets
Now, I could keep adding and adding to this list, but if I did that the list would go on and on forever, so I am going to start with this and as things get monogrammed, I will add pictures to show you how each item turned out. I can't wait to share! 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Recap & 2013 Resolutions

So, I know this is a few days late but I have been trying to think extra hard on my recap of 2012, and on my New Year's Resolutions! Going into my second semester in college is a big deal, I was not expecting my first semester to go by so quickly and now I am a week away from starting my second semester, crazy huh? Where did the year go?

2012 Recap

2012 has brought a lot of changes to my life, a lot of good, and a lot of not so good (I don't want to say bad, because it could always be worse). 2012 brought my high school graduation (I never thought I would see that day), it took me on an amazing trip to the Bahamas with my boyfriend and his amazing family! 2012 brought the loss of my best friend's mother, but it also brought me the strength to realize that things could always be worse. In 2012 I moved into my dorm room, (another day I never thought I would see) and 2012 brought me one of the best friends and roommate I could ever ask for. 2012 brought 3 years with the most amazing man, and I honestly would not make it some days without him. With 2012 came a life changing opportunity, a decision I made and will never look back. 2012 brought me Kappa Delta, 2012 brought me sisters that I never knew existed and an entire new family, that I know will always be there. These women have done more for me this semester that I could have ever imagined. I honestly feel I was brought to Kappa Delta so that they could give me strength and the happiness I had been longing for.

Looking back at my year all of the minor bumps and bruises do not compare to the experiences I have had in the last few months, 2012 is a year that I will never forget, I found myself again and I am honestly happier than I ever thought I could be.

2013 Resolutions

With 2013 beginning I have come up with some typical, and some not so typical resolutions. I have chosen to list 6 because I feel like I want to make sure they are all things that I can focus on, if I have to many, some might get here they are! 

1. Enjoy life more, don't let the little things bring me down, you only live once, right?

2. Craft more, this one will be easy...Brother PE500 (thank you boyfriend)!

3. Eat healthier/exercise more, this can be hard to do on a college diet/budget but I will make this one work!

4. Spend money wiser...self explanatory (to much Lilly...)!

5. work on my relationships with people; Family, friends, boyfriend.

6. "Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest" live Kappa Delta and AOT everyday. 

I think I have picked 6 resolutions that will be challenging for me, but at the same time, I know they will make me a stronger person. I know I will learn from my mistakes and do better. After all, isn't that what resolutions are for, to make you a better person? 

Happy New Year!!!!