Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Crafting Area

So, living in a dorm room does not leave much space to have an embroidery machine, or really much room to craft at all. After coming back from winter break my embroidery machine sat in the box for a couple of days until I FINALLY figured out what to do with it! 

The day before classes started back up, my boyfriend and I decided to go to Ikea to kill some time, and to just look around at different things. We also needed to go to Best Buy, and well Ikea was on the way! While we were looking around we saw some great furniture pieces and we got to thinking...a table would be the perfect thing to get to use as my "crafting station". We looked at a couple different options and decided to get a white table top with pink legs. It was noting special but perfect for what I was looking for, and what i needed to use it for. 

The table was very simple to put together, all you had to do was screw the legs into the back of the table and it fit exactly where I wanted to put it.

Once my table was all set up I had to of course, put all of my crafting supplies out and get my machine set up! 

In the back corner I decided to put a green lamp (I have previously purchased this from Ikea at the beginning of the year. It was sitting on my desk and I never used it, it provides the perfect amount of light). On my desk I also have my cutter, and my measuring mat, and of embroidery machine. When I go home this weekend I am going to bring back my sewing machine so that I can do more projects.

Underneath my table I put my plastic drawers that holds all of my extra supplies. The first drawer holds my thread and bobbin, sewing needs. The second drawer has stabilizer and other tools. The third drawer has all of my paint and paint brushes. The fifth drawer holds any ribbon, or extra craft supplies I have used in the past (buttons, pearls...etc.)

Trying to have a craft area is not by any means an easy task, I had to move somethings around and create room in other places, but in the end it all worked out perfectly and I now have my own space to embroider and craft as I please! 

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