Friday, January 4, 2013

To Be Monogrammed...

With my new Brother PE500 the world of monogramming as become such an open door. I love anything and everything with a monogram, this being said I have put together a list of items that I plan on monogramming in the near (near meaning this weekend, well some of it) future! Some of the things on my list I wanted to get monogrammed before I moved into my dorm room, but, I just wasn't goin to spend all of that money! Well, thanks to my amazing list will soon become a reality!

1. Towels
2. Quarter Zips
3. V-neck Tshirts
4. Crew-neck Sweatshirts
5. My pillow cases
6. Fleece Vest
7. Shirt Pockets
8. Floppy Hats
9. My Longchamp bags
10. Fleece Jackets
11. Quarter Zip Rain Jacket (done by my amazing boyfriend)! 

12. Throw Pillows
13. Lamp Shade
14. Laptop Case
16. Bows
17. Koozies
18. Umbrellas
19. Folding Chair
20. Toms
21. Running Shorts
22. Baseball Hats
23. Scarves
24.Bathing Suits
25.  Throw Blankets
Now, I could keep adding and adding to this list, but if I did that the list would go on and on forever, so I am going to start with this and as things get monogrammed, I will add pictures to show you how each item turned out. I can't wait to share! 


  1. hi, madison:) i was just wondering if you are extremely happy with your brother or just somewhat happy? i was getting ready to order a machine several weeks ago when i happened onto your blog. i put off ordering because i got busy. with things finally slowing down here, i'm thinking about ordering again.
    another question... were you a sewer before buying your machine or a novice like i am?
    dani xxx

  2. Hi Dani! I love my machine, like anything it takes some getting used too but it really only took me about a day to get the basics down. I recommend practicing on scrap fabrics to get a feel for everything before you do your first project. Also with the machine, sometimes the hoop has trouble fitting on thicker fabrics, like my iPad case above. I purchased Embrillence software also, because with it you can see the design you are making and you do not have to guess on spacing and what not. Finally, I was not a sewer, I knew how to work a sewing machine and had done a few small thinks like key chains but did not sew on a regular basis. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  3. thank you so much! when i go to purchase my machine, what do i need to buy along with it (like notions). we don't have a sewing center here in henderson (our walmart used to have one, but when they built their superstore, they did away with that area); so, i have to make a trek;) thanks again, dani xxx

  4. Your machine will come with some thread and a couple pieces of stabilizer but you will need much more than that, especially different thread colors. On this post, , I have outlined the important things that I find useful to have, things like the bag, notebook...etc. are all personal needs. I would suggest getting extra embroidery thread, and extra stabilizer as the most important because these will run out fast depending on how often you plan to use your machine. Then obviously you will need things to embroider! I hope this helps :)

  5. I just subscribed to your site.. I'm a teacher that just bought the PE500 I'm starting out with monograming.. How do you set the pre loaded letters to be 1.5, 3, 1.5 I cant get them large enough. Want center one to be 3 inches

    Cindy Coble

  6. Hey girl! Your blog has been so helpful to me!! Thanks for sharing! I have a question for you....I downloaded an owl appliqué pattern from linniepinnie I believe and when I tried to upload the 4x4 owl design it would not let me. This also happened when I bought a font from the apex website you suggested. I could uploaded every font but the 4 inch font. Is my PE500 not compatible past a certain inch?
    Thanks so much!!!
    you can email me at