Tuesday, July 30, 2013

When you're bored...CRAFT!

Hey everyone! This weekend I was home all night Saturday, with nothing to do...so, my sister and I decided to craft! I made a quick little craft that is cure as ever and very simple to make.
Canvas (any size you want) - I used a 11inx14in
Paint brushes
Computer and printer
First thing, paint your canvas whatever color you would like...I choose pink!

Next step is to pick the quote, monogram or image that you would like to paint on your canvas. Type it into word processor and change the font and everything to the style you would like. After you have printed it shade in the back of all of the letters and then trace over it onto your painted, and dry, canvas. This is a neat tracing trick I learned from Pinterest. When you trace it the graphite from the pencil will bleed through from the pressure and the outline will be on your canvas. You can use this method on coolers or other materials as well.

The next think I did was fill in all of the letters with white paint, you can obviously use whatever colors you would like. Now, to make this extra special I filled in the word "shine" with silver glitter, I felt that it fit the quote so perfectly. Then I added a top and bottom boarder of rhinestones to add a little extra flare.

Once I was done with mine, my sister wanted one. I completed hers on a smaller 8in x 10in canvas so I did not put rhinestones on hers. Here it is...

I hope you enjoy your crafting!

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